Introducing Condor Travel Sport

We are tourist agency and sport travel agent from Slovenia. The agency was founded in year 2000. In last 15 years we have focused on organizing sports events and preparatios in Slovenia and throughout Europe. We have extremely good relation with several Organizations, Associations, Clubs and National squads from different sports; to name just a few: Kuwait Handball Association, Slovenian Handball Association, Karate, Judo and Athletics Association, Chelsea Football Club - B Team, West Bromwich Albion, QPR, FC Celje, Bosnian Basketball Team, etc.



Condor Travel Sport Team

We take care of every aspect of the preparation and Organization, to optimize your training time for best results. We offer from basic to all Inclusive packages.

Please contact us for pricing, customized packages and training camps: miran@condortravelsport.com, info@condortravelsport.com
or call +386 41 369 378



Everything for your training! We take care of everything and provide you the best stay and training at the best prices whether you only need a basic accommodation and training hall, or if your team is searching for a perfect training and services with a hint of sightseeing, shopping, enjoyment and relaxation. We are able to customize any sports event or training camp according to your special demands and wishes (nationality, food etc.).

We offer from basic to all Inclusive packages. Our services depend on the type of accommodation (hotel rating), and inclusive of full-board, coach and driver, meeting room for your team, water at trainings and games, washing of sports clothes, training facilities, organization etc. In All Inclusive package, we provide you also with sports drinks, car for personal use, special trainers, organization of training games, medical services, equipment, etc.

If you want to experience something new and worry-free traveling, improve your sports team, enjoy in nature and good organization, Condor Travel Sport in cooperation with National sports federations is the right choice for you. We have extremely good relation with several Organizations, Associations, Clubs and National squads from different sports.

By having already considerable experience in this field, we may be your first choice in assisting your sports team to a quality training camp or tournament.

Why Slovenia?

Slovenia, a hidden pearl of Europe, offers many opportunities to various sport challenges with organizing training camps or sport events. On a small area, you can train in ether a Mediterranean climate, continental climate, or have high altitude training, with the possibility of usage of a hypoxic chamber.

Being a sport-minded country, every town can offer various sport facilities and the 3 biggest cities offer world class arenas for football, handball, basketball, swimming,… If you are looking for a place where you could perform the most diverse and effective training camp, Slovenia is the place to go.

As a small country we can pride on many world class athletes, who can train at home, with the possibility of using our dynamic terrain. Slovenia has nurtured athletes and teams of winter and summer sports.

Slovenian athletes qualify to all bigger European and World championships and cups, being either in a team sport or individuals. We are also the country that has the most Olympic medals per capita. If you are representing a team sport, our teams are always more than ready to offer good, quality training games and matches during your training camp in Slovenia. Given the quality, experience and possibility of adjusting, we can pride on excellent performance for any kind of sport training camp.

About Slovenia

Slovenia lies at the heart of Europe, where the Alps and the Mediterranean meet the Pannonian plains and the mysterious Karst. This is what makes Slovenia a great destination. You can ski in the morning in the Alps and swim in the Adriatic Sea in the afternoon.

This small green country measures 20,273 km2 in area, and is home to sincere, hospitable people of great diligence. It has an exceptional number of top athletes, and a wealth of cultural creativity.